A Look Behind the Scenes—The Making of Again & Again Lent Resources

As artists and creators, we know that the final product is just one element of a creative endeavor. While the final product is what we release into the world, the creative process is what makes us artists—for the mere act of creating is what makes anyone an artist. The process is what shapes, strengthens, and energizes us. The process tells the story of how an idea was born and brought to life. Sharing the process allows us to connect more deeply with you, and hopefully, inspire more connection to the art we have stewarded into being.

As churches and worshiping communities journey with our Again & Again materials this Lenten season, we wanted to invite you into our homes and studios and share glimpses of our creative processes with you. We’ve recorded simple videos sharing some behind the scenes details about the original work we have created.

You’re welcome to download, email, and share these videos with your larger community. We hope they add value to your Lenten journey.

Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity shares about how she’s weaving different mediums—acrylic paint, gold leaf, and digital drawing—into her visual art. Download this video.

Rev. Lauren Wright Pittman shows us her process of carving and printing block prints with ink. Download this video.

Rev. Sarah Are offers a glimpse into her writing process, and reads aloud three of her original poems. Download this video.

Hannah Garrity shows us her original paper lace art and shares some of the edges she’s exploring in her artistic practice. Download this video.

Our honored guest contributor, Rev. T. Denise Anderson, shares about her journey creating Pietà: “Woman, Behold Your Son; Behold Your Mother”—a sermon project exploring the story of Mamie Till-Mobley (the mother of Emmett Till) and the grief of Mary, mother of Jesus, beholding her son on the cross. This project is featured in Station 8 of our Again & Again Stations of the Cross, a liturgy designed and written by Rev. Anderson. Download this video. Learn and read more about this important and deeply-moving project at tdandersonart.com.



rev. Lisle gwynn garrity

Founder, Creative Director

Lisle Gwynn Garrity (she/her) is a Pastorist (pastor + artist), retreat leader, and creative entrepreneur seeking to fill the church with more color, paint, mystery, and creativity. She founded A Sanctified Art with the conviction that, in order to thrive, the church needs more creative expression and art-filled freedom.